Linear WT00z

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone knew the answer to a question I have. Currently I have lighting in my bedroom done with 2 lamps plugged into linear lamp modules. I have a toggle switch on my wall that toggles power to a particular wall outlet that’s always set to on because I need power to that outlet. I was wondering if I was to replace that toggle switch with a WT00z and pair it to my lamp modules if it would still keep power going to that outlet? I imagine since it is a scene controller that power continues to flow since you can associate scenes for double and triple tapping, but having never bought one I am unsure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi CarlosB,

You likely have two choices to keep power in the switched outlet. The WT00z does not control power itself, it is only capable of sending Z-wave signals. So to keep power to your outlet:

  1. If your outlet is a “Split” outlet. i.e. 1/2 is always powered, the other half is switched. You can disconnect the “switched” wires (and properly cap them, suggest wire nut and tape). Then connect the powered wires to both sections of the switched outlet. It might be easier to get a new outlet that sill has the built in “jumper” between the top and bottom outlet sections.

  2. When you install your WT00z connect the wire going to the “switched” outlet to the power coming into the box. So the power wire (likely black) will connect to the WT00z and the switched outlet. And the neutral wire (usually white) will connect to the the WT00z and the switched outlet.

Hope this helps.


You can absolutely rig the wiring for a WT00Z-1 while maintaining constant power to your receptacle, as @JohnRob described in his option 2.

The WT00Z-1 can definitely be used to control your lamp modules. But, be aware that the double and triple tap associations, described in the WT00Z-1 manual, do not work.

Double taps are used for include/exclude operations.

Awesome, #2 sounds simple enough to do. Thank you!