Linear - Wireless Z-Wave 20-Amp Controlled Isolated Dry-Contact Fixture Module

Hello everyone!
Any one using one of these?
I purchased it for a operation and then found out what it was an ended up using it to do simple switch of power to a 120vac waterpump.

I’m running 4 vera lite units on a local network.

My problem is, instead of being on or off, it shows up as open and close with an odd round icon. On my iphone its not that big of a deal but on my girlfriends android it only shows the round icon and no option for on or off or open and close.

Any one know how to to change how a device shows up with in the vera software its self?

Try playing with categories and subcategories: Remember to reboot Vera and refresh your browser and then check the phone app to see how it responds.

Thank you Don,
none of the Luup makes any sense to me. seems like you need to be a programmer to make simple changes. :-\