Linear WD500Z-1 Dimming Question

Hi there,

New to the forum and the Vera. Over the weekend I removed my z-wave devices from my Honeywell Tuxedo Touch and paired them with my Veralite, and doing so has resolved a lot of my issues with the Tuxedo and given me a lot of functionality that I’ve been missing…except for one thing:

Is there a way for the light switch to go to full brightness when turned on, regardless of the mode it was previously in? I used to have Control4 in my old house, and I would be able to dim the lights to whatever brightness I wanted, but whenever I pressed the top of the switch (for “on”) the lights would go to full brightness, which I really liked.

With the Linear, thus far, if I previously dimmed to 50%, and turned the light off, the next time I press the top of the switch to turn the light on, it goes back to where it was before (50%).

Thanks in advance,

The WD500Z-1 returns to the prior dim level when turned on manually, as you have seen. This is regarded as a feature by Linear and most people and is not configurable.

Ok. Thought so. Thank you :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, the Leviton dimmers do what you’re asking – you can either configure them to come on at a preset level every time (e.g., 100%), or configure them to come on at the previous dim level. I have mine configured to always come on at 100% and they work great on my vera lite (Vera Edge doesn’t work with leviton devices yet)

Can this be done with a GE/Jasco Dimmer switch?

@LouCefer - No