Lightswitch of after 8 minutes

Hi there,

I am very new to this and I have a question. It must be quite simple but i can’t figure it out.

I have a vera 2 and a duwi light switch. When the light switch is turned on i want it to switch off after 10 minutes. I have made a scene and gave the command turn off after 10 minutes and can run the scene, it’s working ok.
But how can i make it work every time the switch is turned on?

gr Hein

You’ll want to add an “event” to the scene that consists of the device in question turning ON, and save it. Once this is done, anytime the Vera sees that event, it’ll trigger the scene.

In short, Events are scenarios that cause the scene to be triggered, whereas Commands are the actions taken by the scene.

IIRC, the duewi switch does not report its new state to Vera if manually operated. Therefore, you have to use ‘Poll this node at most once every’ from the ‘Settings’ tab to get the right state propagated to Vera. If the polling interval is set to x seconds, the light will be switched off after 8 minutes + y seconds (0<=y<=x).