Lights on but nobody home

So it finally happened - guess it was inevitable. Both my Veras (Plus and Edge) are in some kind of limbo.

I am replacing most of my light switches and decided to wipe the Plus which has been flaky the past year. So I did just that and included a few devices to verify that it was OK, which it appeared to be. I then left it overnight.

The next day it was almost completely uncommunicative. It responds to pings and the switch that it is plugged into says it’s active, but the web UI is dead and no SSH either. It broadcasts the 5 GHz SSID (not connectable) but not 2.4 GHz. The LEDs are all green indicating normal operation.

And the other Vera, the Edge, which I have done nothing whatsoever with, is suddenly acting the same way - except that the web UI first responds and then times out with the “luup engine took too long to reload” message.

To further add to the confusion the setup wizard at Initial Setup Wizard finds both Veras with their correct IP and MAC addresses but doesn’t get any further than the “watch videos” part and then hangs.

Thinking this may be a problem with my local machine, I have tried different browsers on several PCs but the problem is the same.

There are no problems with any of the other 50+ devices on my LAN and there are no address conflicts or anything. Basically this just happened overnight without any other things going on.

Is this the time to leave Vera and move to something else? I’d rather not as I am heavily invested in Vera, openLuup and ha-bridge and I am using both EU and US frequency devices.

What could have caused both Veras to go south in the same night?

I would take a good look at Hubitat if I were you. About your failure, I am suspecting either a hardware failure (bad sectors on the storage causing data corruption) or Vera server sending something garbage over the net trying to force update some files or sync some plugins which is what they do for example with the Sercomm and the Alexa helper plugins and a number of other things we keep discovering.

Yet another hub I never heard of 8)
I would prefer - if I decide to switch - a linux based platform that I can run on a server. Had enough of the plastic match boxes :-\

Then you have Home Assistant and OpenHab2 as your choices but I think their zwave device support is not as good. Hubitat benefits from all the Smart Thing developments…

Homeseer. You can get it for Linux or windows. Or you can pick on of their hardware configurations running on Pi or x86.