Light status update after manual operation

I’ve recently installed some new LED ceiling downlights, connected to a Clipsal saturn LED press wall switch (not toggle switch). Then tried adding on a Aeotec in wall micromodule switch as part of the new home automation update of the house. Got the micromodule set up with VeraLite hub. All seems to be working well from the wireless control side of things. I can switch light on/off via MMS Vera iphone/ipad app, and when I say use the iphone app to switch my light on, the light status on my ipad will also indicate appropriately. However when I tried to use the good old manual switch method, the light status seems not to update itself on the iphone/ipad programme?
Is that supposed to be the case? Or any smart ideas to fix the issue? Thanks heaps.

I kind of have the same issue that the state of the light does not update in the Vera (or mobile device) 100%of the time. However, I have found you can improve the situation adding the following Configuration setting (device options tab):
Variable = 80
Data Size = 1 byte dec
Desired Value = 1

This tells the aeotec switch to report the state change immediately. However, I have found that this does not work all of the time. So what I have done is lower the polling (suggest 15 seconds) so that if the automatic reporting fails you will pick up the correct state within 15 seconds anyway.

They don’t have instant status feature that I am aware of so you won’t get the status update right away when operated manually. They have to be polled to get this info. Be careful about adjusting poll settings though. I tried this hack early on in the game and as I was adding more devices things started getting unreliable real quick.