Light on when door opens after dusk - not working?

I’ve been through the guides for PLEG but I’m still struggling. I want to have my hallway light come on if the time is between dusk and dawn and if the front door state changes from locked to unlock. I have attached a status report, any help gratefully received.

It is easier to read if you post a PDF of the status report. Attached is an example.

Whoops, posted the wrong one, sorry here’s the correct one.

I have a similar function happening and the only difference I see between yours and mine is in the condition my “and” is all capital letter.

I am not sure is this is a requirement but in every example I have seen posted and in all of my conditions, the operators are in all capitals. Maybe this is why it isn’t firing.

Well that fixed it! Thanks!

Glad I was able to help.

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