Light don't go to off

Good morning,

I have a “scene” that runs for several weeks and it has always worked well.

This morning one of the lights that were to close at 7:30 has not been. Therefore I searched and found nothing.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you!

Box: VeraEdge, 01/07/1569
Zwave component from: GE 12718 Zwave Plug-in Lamp Dimming Module for Incandescent, LED, CFL

What kind of light? (What Z-Wave device?)
Does the light work when switched from the Vera GUI?
Does the light work when you run the scene manually?
Does the scene have any custom Lua/LUUP code or is it a basic scene created with the GUI scene editor?

  • The “device” is: 12718 GE - Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Dimmer
  • I manually run the “scene” and the light is closed
  • I do not have a “custom Lua / LUUP code”

Do you have a scene linked to the switch which does the action. This would explain the delay you now get.

If you manually run the scene and it works, then I can only assume that there was a transient problem or that your schedule did not fire for some reason.

I have no “scene” of attached to this switch.

I will watch in the coming days.

Thank you! For your help.

I am confused.


I have a scene run at each day at 7:30 AM. This scene close all lights.