light does not go on full strength unless I stand near it!

I have one light fixture that when turned on only goes to partial power as if the dimmer setting were set to 25%. From dashboard or ivera I confirm it’s set to 100%, same for manual operation using the switch. Strangely, if I stand near the light (outside wall of my house) it goes to 100% as if I were an antenna. When standing in the house next to the switch this doesn’t happen. I changed switch from GE Jasco to Leviton vizia and have the same issue so its definitely not the switch. The switch is the most distant from my vera but another switch in the same room a few feet away works fine. Overall, 7 other switches work fine. Is there a network issue I can fix? How?? Using UI12 as ivera doesn’t support U ??? ???I14.

Dude, you have mysterious powers.

Does a lamp module run via an extension cord on another circuit, but positioned near the switch position exhibit the same behavior?

I have the same problem with a ge/jasco 3way dimmer. I called tech support one of the things they asked -how far apart are the switchs It appears even though they are hard wired there is some type of radio link between the switchs and there is a distance limit. My switchs are about 40’ apart.

It is about 40 feet from my Vera but I have a GE lamp module in the same room about 8 feet away and it works fine. I’m guessing that somehow the signal is bouncing around via repeated rf in a weird way or that the network somehow got this node wrong but, can’t figure out why the signal would brighten without inputting a new command simply by my walking near the fixture. Its not the titanium in my leg either as the same happens when my wife stood near the fixture!

Since this is the switch that’s furthest from my vera base station I’m wondering if adding another switch or lamp module in the same room would solve the problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a possible solution?