LFM-20 as trigger for door strike?

I’m looking to activate my apartments front door buzzer (12v? 5v?) with some sort of z-wave device, and it seems the LFM-20 is what people are recommending (though I’m open to other suggestions as well). I’m not an electrician and generally try to avoid working with AC power, so I might hire someone to do this for me, but before I do I’d like to understand exactly what I need to make this work and how it would be wired. Is the LFM-20 the only thing I’ll need? Can this be installed behind the wall? Any other advice or things I need to be thinking about?

Bump - anyone actually worked with one of these before?

I haven’t. Looks like it’s just a relay though. You’ll still need a transformer to provide power to the door strike. Most door strikes are 12 or 24 volts, and most support AC or DC. If you have a choice, go with DC. If you use AC, they will buzz when open. If you use DC, they just click once.

Thanks. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this and any little but of info helps. My door strike “buzzes” though I’m pretty sure it’s not AC - from what little I know about electronics it seems like its is a low-voltage DC system - 3-wire, I think. Looks like something built in the 1970’s.

If you can find the power source for the Door Bell (assuming it’s not battery supplied)
than just put it on Z-Wave receptacle.

If you want to run in parallel with existing use than the LFM-20 will work for you.