Leviton VRCS2-MRZ

Good evening, I have two of these devices in my house and they have been working flawlessly since I put them in. In our living room one of these switches is controlling the light and the other the ceiling fan.

recently the one that controls the fan stopped working. if push the button itself it just flashes green. when I pull it up on vera (still ui5) it says “Failed to configure node” when I click not he wrench and click the settings tab everything under energy used is blank, however if I look at the other button in that same switch that controls the light, everything under energy used has tons of info.

I’ve ran a heal on the network multiple times over the last few days, I’ve clicked “configure node now” within that settings window but it keeps failing.

any suggestions or thoughts? am I going to have to delete and re-add the switch?


  1. Try power cycling the switch at the breaker.

  2. Exclude/ Include.

  3. Replace bad switch.

thanks, power cycling at the circuit breaker worked, everything has been working so well it never even crossed my mind to do that.

thanks for the suggestion.

instead of power cycling, you could also have air gap it which should do the same thing…

the Leviton’s don’t have those. good suggestion to remember though for the GE swtiches