Leviton Vizia RF+ vs Leviton DZC

What is the difference between Leviton Vizia RF+ and Leviton DZC?

I’ve got an existing Vizia RF (pre-RF+) and need to replace some dimmers with LED compatible dimmers. I see that they have them in both the DZC and the RF+ lines. What is the difference between these? Does the DZC not report status to Vera as well as Vizia RF+?

I see that the DZC says this on the Leviton site: “Not for use with vizia rf+ systems”

Why would a zwave device not be compatible with Vizia RF+?

I did see this, but not sure if it is true. It seems to indicate that DZC will not update status to Vera, but needs to be polled. I’d prefer dimmers and switches that automatically update.
"What is the difference between Vizia RF + and DZC?

If two-way feedback is required, Leviton recommends the Vizia RF + product line, which provides advanced features beyond DZC, which must be polled in order to update the status. DZC is not intended to be a stand-alone lighting control system, and thus if zone/scene keypads are desired, Vizia RF + is recommended."

does anyone have experience with DZC that can let me know how it updates status in Vera? My Vizia RF is very quick, no polling involved. that must be “Push” notifications.


You have it right RF+ supports instant status (pushes status updates to the Vera) and direct association (allows you to controll another switch from the Leviton in a kind of virtual 3 way configuration).

The DZC do not support either feature they only support polling for status and I believe also do not support direct association this tends to make them slightly cheaper in cost.

Thanks. RF+ for me!