Leviton support for beaming

After doing the search thing I see where Leviton VRP03 supports beaming along with anything that is above 2.48 … BUT other Leviton products are above the 2.48 level???

Check here.

@oTI … thanks for the quick response … that is the post I read about being over 2.48 … I am trying to find out which Leviton products meet that criteria … checked Leviton site and they don’t give that level of spec ??? or afre you saying only the lamp mod and controller meet the criteria.

Did you see this post though. AFAIK, that is the current state. (Based on what I see in my own devices, and @kaldoon’s general statement in the referenced RS232 controller post.)

Thanks … must be a slow brain day :slight_smile:

@grybrd, don’t feel bad, I too was having a senior moment re beaming. I’ve now seen the light (no pun intended) thanxs to oTi@. The reason I had a interest is that I have three Locks that need VERA to be in relative close proximity. Based on the information, as I have a few outdoor switch with ver >2.48 I want to see if they indeed extent the range in reference to Beaming. Mike

@MNB … what’s this ‘senior moment’ thing … I don’t turn 70 till next year … 8)

@grybrd, OK I’m speaking from my viewpoint as I too been noticing my beard seem to be more white than brown ;D.

OK no more light heartedness on this form … we need to complain even though my Vera system has run flaw free for 19 months. Oh maybe I should mention that it runs this way because of reading this forum before I take any steps … THANKS to all who have posted all the positive help.