Leviton Scene/Zone controllers

I have a Vera unit with several Leviton wall controllers in my install and I’m finding that Vera continues to wipeout the associations on my Leviton controllers even when I’ve told Vera not to configure the controllers. I had Vera join my network as a secondary and I find that after a couple of days the Leviton keypads stop responding and I have to go set the associations again to the keypads. I have the keypads talking directly to the others dimmers/switches in the house and don’t want them interacting with Vera since it’s much quicker by just directly associating them to the devices.

Can someone confirm what the appropriate configuration should be for these keypads that I don’t want Vera to as control? I made sure that “Method #2” was unchecked

Is it possbile to have two buttons on a four button controller configured by Vera while the other two are still talking directly via Leviton associations?

Right now if I use “method 2” and have Vera events associated to the keypad buttons the off for all four buttons is interpreted by Vera as the same event. Is there any way around this?