Leviton Dimmer switches

Do the Leviton dimmer switches with instant status also have auxiliary switches to pair with them? If so do they stay in sync all of the time?

The Leviton switches use a wired remote switch for n-way configurations, so they stay in sync perfectly. No pairing needed.

It is also possible to use the one button scene controller as a remote so that direct connection with wires is not necessary. I don’t know how well those stay synced, but I would expect them to be excellent.

Yes, but it would help if you posted which model you wanted to use.

You can use associations where you use VERA to setup the association from one switch to another. Then that switch will communicate back and forth via z-wave even without a vera in the house. Other switches can also do this. You just need one to support associations.

Cheaper switches like the GE has a wire running from the main switch to the AUX. This is a traveler wire.

Then you have mid grade or mid price switches like Evolve that do associations but not instant status (that I know of) but I have a few of them for 3way and they work good.

There are different models of wired companion switches, depending on the version of Leviton Vizia switch you have. I have two versions in my house, and I haven’t found any that work with Vizia RF (old version). I have two companion switches to Vizia RF+ (new version) switches. The companion switches are VP00R-1LW. Both the Z-wave dimmer and the companion dimmer have horizontal dimmer bars and LEDs.

I haven’t chosen which models to use. That is where I am looking for some guidance. I have been using cooper in one hallway and struggling to keep them in sync. Have tried many different ideas as offered on this forum but ready to try Leviton.

I will need one master and three auxillary controlling 8 canned lights 60 watt each

I think it would be difficult to find anyone that has used them that would say Leviton are not the best available quality Z-Wave switch.

Switch perhaps.

Their scene controllers (at least the one button VRCZ1-1LZ) flat out doesn’t work (on a Vera Edge).

I am running Vera 3 with UI15. Have read about the various problems with UI 17 but sure that will be fixed soon.

I would agree they have always been the hardest switch to install. Inclusion for me required a long ethernet cable on the VRSC2 and the lite on ui5. Now on edge and ui7 I cant get it added.

Bottomline i love my cheap ge switches from lowes more as long as i dont need a scene controller.

I need instant status for this hallway to control with PLEG

No worries, once you get past setup you’ll be good.

I wouldn’t use “compatibility with Vera Edge” as a valid criteria for evaluating anything… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t use “compatibility with Vera Edge” as a valid criteria for evaluating anything… :P[/quote]

So should we also not use UI7? ;D

Don’t ask me! I’m waiting for you guys to work out the kinks…

Hahah i just make waves and let them roll back to vera to get smoothed out.

@jquincy I just thought of one other thing to try with your Cooper that is having trouble with instant status. Maybe the problem isn’t your Cooper switch but a bad neighboring zwave node that is slow or not repeating the instant status signal. Since you mentioned, I think, that the Vera is relatively close to the switch, try manually editing the route on the cooper so that it only talks to the Vera.

Instant status might become reliable at that point. If the problem is a bad neighbor, the Leviton might end up with the same problem as your Cooper.

@shallowearth…Thanks I will try that

Obligatory “Leviton dimmers still are not working on Vera Edge!” comment.

The only switches I have in my house are Leviton. Dimmers, relay switches, a couple scene controllers, and a fan controller… not to mention my appliance & dimmer modules. I’m a little OCD about having them match, so aside from having a variety of vintage of devices, they’re all Leviton and they all work similarly. Having instant status is a must for me.

Here is what I bought:

1 VR106-1LZ

With the cooper switches only the master is wired to the light and the remaining Auxiliary switches just communicate with the master. Do the Leviton switches get wired the same way as the Cooper switches?