Leviton Dimmer Acting Flakey

So I installed a second Leviton Dimmer, and for starters, the remote dimmer won’t work, even though I know I have it wired correctly because I previously had a master/slave Lutron Maestro dimmer in the same place. I called Leviton Tech Support and they were stumped as well - they’re supposed to call me back tomorrow with better information.

I can control the dimmer via zwave just fine through Findvera.

But now tonight I decided to play around with the master dimmer, which is working, and to put it into B program mode to change the dim-level LED from a single LED to a full bar (I set it this way on my other dimmer, and it works just fine). But when I put it into B-program mode, and click the switch a third time to reach mode B-3, it isn’t behaving normally and I cannot select LED #5 (Full bar indicating dimmer setting). Further, the dimmer itself is behaving oddly during regular operation. I can switch the lights on/off just fine, and I can dim them down just fine. But when I click the bar to dim them UP, it immediately fades up to full, rather than stopping at the level where I release my finger from the dimmer bar.

I’m now beginning to wonder if perhaps what I ended up with was a flakey dimmer master, which might also be causing my remote/slave to not work, rather than the problem being with the slave.

If anyone has encountered anything like this with a Leviton dimmer, I’d appreciate hearing from you.


UPDATE - I indeed had a flakey master dimmer as well as a flakey matching remote (go figure - both bad). I installed a new dimmer and remote today and they work perfectly.