Leviton devices on sale at Amazon

Hopefully this post will help others.

Needed to order my first light dimmers in order to start setting up my Z-wave network and provide a clear signal to my Schlage locks located at the front and back of the house. VeraLite will be in the center of the house, upstairs for now (we’re Sandy victims and still rebuilding our first floor). Didn’t want to mess with the cheap GE/Jasco dimmers, so for a few dollars more it seemed like going with Evolve dimmers was a no-brainer (will not buzz and uses a neutral wire for dimming low-loads).

Unfortunately, everyone seems to be out of stock with the Evolve dimmers right now. I wanted to get something quick through Amazon Prime, and stumbled upon the fact that almost all the Leviton products that Amazon sells directly are 20% off until December 28th. The 20% gets deducted in your cart, bringing the cost down to $53.39 for a VRI06-1LZ, which is not bad for a dimmer that supports status updates and comes with the different faceplate colors (which I need). Yes, these models do not use a neutral wire, but they will work well in a couple of incandescent light circuits I have.


Makes sure the dimmer you buy has three wires and works with dimmable LED and CFLs
See this: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,17397.0.html

oooppsss, you still use incandescent bulbs? May I ask why?

There is nothing wrong with the leviton dimmers. They will work fine with the right led bulb and are far superior to Ge and evolve quality and reliability.

  • Garrett

It could, but how to find the right led bulb?
I had CA6000, and I toss them all. I have few evolve dimmers and they work fine with CFL and few CRE LED lights I have. No casualties yet .

Look on the forum for suggestions. Philips and cree bulbs are reported to work well.

  • Garrett

Re: why we don’t have led bulbs, we’re still under construction, which means bulbs are being constantly taken out, moved around, etc by the various trades as they need light from room to room. I don’t want to have to babysit and account for more expensive bulbs at the end of everyday. Once we are settled in then we will take a hard look at putting in energy efficient solutions. For now, I just want to start experimenting and getting experience setting up Vera and devices.