let two Danfoss thermostasts work as one with a external temperature reader

In my living room I have two Danfoss Living LC13 thermostats on my radiators.
When programming them I have to program them individually, is it possible to connect them somehow so I just have to say, living room should be 21 degrees.?

Another question: I also have a Fibaro sensor with temperature reader in there. Is it possible to set that as the control unit for the two thermostats so the temperature is not read from them but from the sensor in the other end of the living room.

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You can create a scene that sets both devices at the same time.

Not sure what you mean in your second question. I think a scene can be used to read temperature from a sensor and set the 2 thermostats.

Depending on what you are trying to do, PLEG will give you the most options and flexibility.