Legacy Security sensors

I have an old security system with several sensors (wired to the control panel).
I want to utilize the sensors with Vera. Is that possible?
Is there any hub that accepts wired sensors and transmit to Vera?

Do you intend to continue to use your old alarm panel? Assuming you will disconnect it, here are two ideas:

  1. The Ecolink door/window sensors can take a dry contact connection. These are battery powered and give a sensor to Vera. About $25 each. http://discoverecolink.com/product/dwzwave2-eco/ (There’s a Z-wave plus version too.)

  2. Switch to a DSC alarm panel such as the 1832 or 1864 and add an Envisalink module. Then you can use the DSC plugin to get the sensor status. This is quite a bit more expensive, but might make sense if you have a lot of sensors to connect.

Maybe someone else will have more/better ideas for you.

What is a dry contact connection?

by that I mean a switch contact that has no power attached to it. This is the typical magnetic reed switch. Those Ecolink sensors have a place to attach 2 wires which you can connect to sensor contacts.