Laundry notification

I am looking into getting the Vera, but I am wondering about the capability to notify me when it is time to switch the laundry or when the loads are done. Since i am not looking to actually turn these appliances on/off I am not sure if I would actually need a Z-wave outlet that can handle this kind of load.

Is there some way to just notify me that the overall voltage has decreased (ie load is finished washing/drying)?

Z-Wave Outlets and switches won’t report voltage draw. There is, however, a device by Aeon Labs, called the Home Energy Meter, which might be able to get you to where you want to be.

Aeon also has an appliance module coming out with power monitoring built in

I think the appliance module might be a better option, since I am not looking to monitor the whole home consumption just yet. Thanks for letting me know about this in advance.