Kwikset Lock Doesn't Report Status Right Away

Using UI4, and the following steps:

  1. The lock is already locked
  2. Set to unlock
  3. Immediately after the unlock button turns green, select the lock button

The door lock actually locks, but the UI4 reports that the door is still locked and doesn’t show the proper state “Locked” until 2 or 3 minutes later.

I have the Kwikset door lock setup to be polled at most every 60 secs. I also have seven devices in my network, including the door lock.

Is was under the impression that the Kwikset lock was self reporting and I would not have to wait until it was polled in the normal polling cycle. Is there some sort of “deadband” period after execution of a command where if the lock sends its status it is ignored?

This is something that has been an issue for a while. There are many factors to why the lock would not report the status right away. How far is the lock from vera and other devices? The communication between the lock and vera is encrypted. The message being sent from and to the lock to vera is only valid for a few seconds and it will expire. So if the response back from the lock is not received in time, vera will not be able to read the response and get the correct status. Vera will have to try and poll the lock again. This is one reason for not getting a correct status all of the time. If the lock is not close to vera or other devices that support beaming, this can affect with getting the correct status. I would not recommend setting the poll of the lock to 60 seconds as this can cause the battery in the lock to drain very quickly.

  • Garrett