Kwikset Kevo Plus


I have installed my Vera Lite and it is up and running. I had already installed my KEVO lock from Kwikset. This year, Kwikset has released the Kevo Plus, with is a gateway that connects to you network and allows you to control your Kevo lock through the internet. I had a huge expectation that Kevo Plus would be supported by Vera Lite through a plugin, such as the Hue plugin, but I can’t find anything on the matter.

Does anyone out there have an idea?

Thank you!


Hi Daniel,

Kevo Plus is a controller like Vera but it can only control Kevo locks. In the research I have done there is nothing that it would allow you to do that Vera already doesn’t already do it would just limit your ability to control other devices and have your lock integrated into an ecosystem where you lock can act as a trigger to a scene or other devices.

I saw a python script on github to lock/unlock kevo plus. Could it be adapted to Vera???