Kwikset executing scenes

Hey guys,

I need your expertise. I have a Veralite and in the network I?ve included 3 Kwikset Locks, 3 Evolve dimming light modules, 1 outdoor screw in lamp module and 1 Radio Thermostat. I?ve combined them all and have created different scenes. I am having a problem and I?m wondering if it can be fixed. This is one of my scenes, when I remotely lock the front door my living room light and bedroom light both turn off immediately, 15 seconds later the porch light turns off. Now in order to execute this scene I have to remotely lock it from my iPhone, how can I execute this scene by pressing the center lock button on the Kwikset deadbolt?? If I press the lock button the door lock locks but does not execute the rest of the scene. Can this be done? What did I do wrong when I created my scene?


Yes, this can be done. In the scene you want to execute you have to create a new trigger to have the lock button run the scene. The trigger should be something called “lock button is pressed”. It will be under the trigger tab when creating or editing the scene.

  • Garrett


in UI7 I created a scene to change the House Mode Plugin to Home when I enter Code1 on the Kwikset smart door lock.

I created another scene to change the House Mode Plugin to Away when I press the lock button. This works well if I leave the Auto Lock after 30 seconds disabled. With the Auto Lock after 30 seconds enabled it will trigger my second scene changing the system into Away mode even I am home.

Is there a way to have the Auto Lock ON but and not have the Away mode automatically triggered?