Kwikset 910 Pin Code Problems

Hello everyone, I have an issue with my Pin Codes in my 2 Kwikset 910 that have been installed for almost a year. They are paired with a Vera 3 that is now running the latest firmware, 1.7.569. Everything was great until about 2 months ago when the batteries hit 25%. I received the alert and immediately replaced them in both doors. Since then my Pin Codes have had nothing but issues. The front door would not do anything. I had the DIP switch set to automatically lock the door, yet it stopped locking and it would not lock if I pressed the lock button on the keypad. I could lock it using the Vera Controller. In addition the keypad no longer worked at all. The back door did not have the same problem except I try to add/change pin codes. The old codes still works and the door functions otherwise normally.

I contacted Kwickset and the advised me to pull the wireless cards out of the lock and the battery pack. Then wait a few minutes, insert the batteries, wait for the light on the back, then insert the wireless card. I did this with both doors. This fixed the front door problems with the keypad and auto lock. Now I am have the exact problem with both doors. The PIN codes and names are “stuck” in the locks so i can’t over write or delete the existing PIN codes. If I log into the UI and go to each door under “Add pin code” it prompts to add a new pin code like there are none in the device. If I try to add my Profile Name or PIN code it says “Error, Profile or PIN already exists.” I have installed the PLC app and under the device properties for both doors I can see the old Profile Names and PIN codes still on the door.

What is the proper way to “erase” the PIN code and profile from each device?

I am new and just installed a Vera Edge and this door lock. I had a weird issue at first where I couldnt add a user at all, it would just error. I manually added 2 which took.

I waited a while which seems to be the case with adding some new things for it to all sync up. I could then add a user. When I went to manage the device, add pin code I saw the 2 that I manually built. When I would hit delete, it looked like it took but didnt. I found that if I deleted one, went back to the control screen and hit Save Changes, that it would say transmit successful and then it would be gone. Same with adding a user, I did 1 at a time, hit Save Changes, and then I’ve had no issues since.