Klik Aan Klik Uit ACM-100 multidimmer: 2 questions

Would like to try/add the acm-multidimmer to my setup. Of course I prefer Fibaro zwave dimmer, but this would do in this situation. Anyway, I would like to know if the acm100 is supported in the rfxcom plugin and how this can be controlled? Can it be controlled like a Fibaro module with a slider? Anyone a screenshot maybe?

How can this receiver be added to rfxcom? Set to auto detect/create and then hit the little button on the receiver? Or do I really need a remote first?

Looking at the RFXtrx User Guide I believe that the plugin should be able to communicate with the ACM-100 multidimmer. I found an English version of the user manual online. Based on what I read there and the information I have about the RFXtrx firmware, I don’t think it can be controlled with a slider. It’s going to look like a regular light switch. It should be able to be controlled as described in item 19 of the ACM-100 user manual. I do not think you need a remote. You should be able to create an AC device (RFXtrx in the Vera web UI → New Device → AC → Switch light) and select any values for the ID and unit code.

Thanks for the info. Not sure if I want this. So if I want to change level of brightness I have to push multiple times. Not very user friendly, but more complex to turn it on at 19.00 at specific level. I think I will return it to the shop.

Hi, I have a KAKU ACD200 plugdimmer connected to my RFXcom via AC protocol as dimmable light. Works perfect via a slider similar to Fibaro dimmer. So I think this will alo work with the ACM100 dimmer

Sounds great. So you can turn it on directly to 25% for example?

It may in fact work then. Follow the instructions I gave above but select Dimmable light instead of Swich light.

Well going to open the package then I think.

@Mai_Pensato: If that ACD200 is set to say 50% and you turn it off and on again, does it go on on the last set level, 50% in this case? Or does it always turn on at 100% and then has to be changed?

And please don’t forget my other question, about turning it on directly at 25%. Thanks

Yes, it will work. The current dimmers allow setting to a percentage. I’ve had the acm-100 in the past, all devices work the same.
You can add the device manually. I believe you can choose a nice code yourself for communicating with the device.

And they remember the percentage, yes

Yes it will turn on on the last srt level
Yes you can turn it on firectly at 25%

In the meantime I am using this KAKU dimmer as I wanted.

Can be controlled by Vera, using a slider. And when turning on, it remembers the last brightness setting.