Kitkat Problems ?

Is anyone else having issues with Imperihome losing Vera ?

I’m running kitkat on a HTC one M8 and having an issue that I’ve never had before on previous device and that I don’t have on tablets running other versions of android. The app will suddenly loose vera and in my case only load my Netatmo data, everything else goes. I get ERR40 showing, everything else (including other apps on the same phone) still work perfectly even when I’m seeing this message.

I’ve fired a ticket off to support and so far only been asked if I’m running UI6, which I confirmed not to be the case as I’m on UI5.

Even deleting Vera and reinstalling it into the app does not solve the problem. the last few times this has happened it appears to of resolved the next day so I’m wondering if there is a strange bug that let’s it do that. Also a reboot of vera does nothing, but I’d not expect it to when everything still continues to work.

seems odd.

I have been running KitKat on a GalaxyTab 10.1 for 3 to 4 months however I have this tablet dedicated to ImperiHome so there is not much else installed on it that can interfere.

I have Dalvik set as runtime, not Art. Can be fund under Developer options. Have absolutely no idea if this has any influence at all.

Very strange :s Most of our testing devices are KitKat powered and we never saw this problem yet.

The next time you have this problem, could you please send debug logs ( ) and tell us the debug id so that we can look at this closer ?


Fur8h1e1g is debug log. Is sent three just before it as well.

Thanks for sending debug data.

It seems that your phone gets in remote mode and tries to access your vera remotely, without putting the right login/passwords.

Perhaps you just didn’t enter your MIOS login/pass because you only want to use the app locally ? if so, you can force the app to call the vera in local mode (in ‘connection mode’.
Is it the case ?


that’s interesting that it switches over to remote mode whilst I’m at home. It’s correct that I’ve not got the remote access codes in the app at this time as I’ve never had a great experience with remote access (I find home buddy great for remote access as it’s one short cut press that gives feedback on condition via haptic).

I’ve never had this problem on other phones but seem to get it a lot on this one so will finish the set up if that means the problem goes away.