kitchen remodel lighting advice

Thanks for all the advice.
I went with the Cooper 5 scene switch and Leviton Dimmers. I’ll post all the details when I get it working.

Very cool. How do you change the colors? Is it a dial or switch or?

There’s just one button. Pressing/Cycling it slowly changes color but if you press rapidly 2 or 3 times in succession it changes mode between on/off or a mode where it cycles colors on its own.

It would be kind of pointless, but it would be nice to automate it one of the following:

  • with a hacked RS232 contoler and color changing plugin:

[ul][li]Or with a DMX interface[/li]
[li]Or even better still with this pre-made solution:[/li][/ul]

I ended up with this:
1x dimmer overhead
1x dimmer under counter
1x dimmer cabinet
1x dimmer sink
1x on/off scene capable switch

1x one button scene controller
1x 5 button cooper scene controller

Everything Leviton except the Cooper 5 button. Even though I hated doing it I put 3 of the dimmers on one wall and another by the sink light. The three dimmers don’t look too bad, but I really wanted a cleaner look.


All this is only sort of working. Not sure I understand the Cooper scene controller. I’m getting errors now scene controllers “Failed at setting special association.” The all off button on the cooper I have to push multiple times. Sometimes pushing a scene button on the Cooper activates/deactivates the scene, sometimes it tries to dim or brighten the lights in the scene.
LED lights don’t work on the Cooper.
I imagine much of this is my doing something wrong. All this is rather confusing as I have been warned.
Any advice on the Cooper would be great.