Keypad Entry by August

Just found this company called August. They currently sell electric locks, Keypads, gateways and doorbell cameras.
They currently work with Airbnb to give out individual keypad codes to rental guests. It is a pretty cool idea. Guest can not use their entry code after their stay dates.
Seems at this point they also work with Harmony Hub, Nest, XfinityHome and ADTHome without monthly fees except for the video recall.
They caught my eye because they have a keypad separate from the lock. Maybe this can be used to control other Z-Wave products or through a gateway for other items?
The locks look familiar and the keypads are ugly and look easy to steal but with the lack of Z-Wave keypads available, this might be the hardware (someone smarter than me) could look at and determine if it is worth to make a Vera Add On to.

I wrote quick email to them to get the basics. This is what they sent back.
Thank you for contacting August.

At this time our August Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Homekit Enabled, Smart Keypad or August Connect do not have any fees associated with them. Our Doorbell Cam, which is available for pre-order on our website, records video in front of your door which you can access live or watch footage that has been prerecorded. To obtain this pre-recorded video we will charge a monthly subscription for this service.

Currently we have integrated with Logitech?s Harmony Home Hub and Nest. We have also partnered with Xfinity Home and ADT Home. At this time we not have any further information on any other integration or automation systems we may be compatible with.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns, have a great day!

Team August

I realize these are a close second to the door locks that are currently working with Vera but for people with rental homes or people that want to use the keypad for other purposes, it may be worth a second look.