Keeping device ID's when moving from UI5 VeraLite to UI7 VeraPlus

My plan is to get a VeraPlus when they come out, stage the new system, and then swap it in when it’s all configured. I have well over 100 devices, and a ton of custom LUA code that references specific device ID’s.

Is it possible to easily get my old config on the new box, and still keep all of my device ID’s intact?

Sorry, one thing I should clarify is that I don’t have many z-wave devices. I have 2 z-wave locks, and I think 4 light switches. Most of the rest of my lighting and devices are via the LiteTouch plugin, and the Elk M1 Gold Plugin.

One way you can make this easier on yourself with the LUA coding is to define your device IDs in the LUA startup code area:

scnLockFrontDoor = "1"
devMainKitchenLight = 123

Then just substitute the global variable name that you specified rather than the scene or device id itself.

When the IDs are changed, just change the startup code to reflect the new numbers, and you are back in business.

I also found that using variable names made the code much easier to read.

I did what akbooer suggested and created a variable (i called it DEV) to hold all devices by name, so in my code i call DEV[“Device Name”] and it returns the number of the device. it has cleaned up my code significantly.