Just installed Kwikset lock. How do view a door log or get mobile alerts?


I just successfully installed Vera Lite and my first component, which is a kwikset doorlock. I have it configured and it is working with my Android phone (I am able to lock and unlock the door with my android device. I installed the home buddy and the vera mobile apps.

However, I don’t see where I can get pop up alerts on my phone when someone enters or a running log of when someone enters using a code etc.



Most likely not available in the 3rd party apps. I do not think there is an api available to access this information. I know I have not come across it for development of my android app.

  • Garrett

Have you tried “Vera Alerts” - not plugin but Android App

You can use Vera’s built in notification if it meets your needs.

Set up your email and cell phone number in Account–>MyContact Info–>Email Settings and Phone Settings.

Then go back to Devices and click the wrench icon for your Kwikset Lock, go to the Notification tab. The options you can choose are all in the dropdown menu.

Vera Alerts will do everything you want … and more.