Jira issues

So apparently I’ve created a bit of a mess in the Jira request tracker with my requests for integration of the GE 45600 Z-Wave remote. On november 3, after talking with @melih about said device, I created an integration request (ECS-833). Unfortunately, I apparently a) had forgotten that I already had an integration request in for this device (ECS-798), and b) managed to mis-type the model number of the device in the new request as 4600. To make matters messier, @Leandro - while trying to be helpful, which I appreciate - also created an integration request for this device (ECS-834) in response to discussions with me.

How best to clean up this mess I’ve created?

Also, I apparently am not getting jira notifications - above tickets were all updated 6 days ago, but I didn’t know about it until I checked this morning. How can this be fixed?


Hello @ibrewster,
Don’t worry about it. ECS-833’s name has been corrected already and, along with ECS-798, has been marked as duplicated by ECS-834. They have now the right information and relate to each other. The integration team should be replying to this ticket soon.
Best regards!

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