JavaScript - disabling a button and Firefox

Since the last version of Firefox, disabling of buttons does not change the foreground of the label of the button. Is it a bug in Firefox ?

Here is how I disable a button:

$('button').disabled = true;

This code is still working with Internet Explorer and Chrome.

In UI5 with prototype.js I would say:


Hi @futzle.

It looks like it changes nothing.

In fact, I already checked that my button is really disabled (no action triggered when I push it) but there is no rendering difference when the button is enabled or disabled. In IE or Chrome, the text is grayed when the button is disabled, not in Firefox.
Maybe a bug in the last version of Firefox ? Or maybe it has always been like that and I never noticed ?

I use Firefox 28.0 for Mac OS X. Here is an enabled and disabled button. The JavaScript code is here.

My feelings is that it changed with the recent v29.
You will tell me what happens for you when you will move to v29 on Mac OSX.

I will, will I? :slight_smile:

It’s just the same on version 29. As soon as I posted those images I updated Firefox and checked the button again.