Jasco Instant status???

Came across this today and wondering if it is true.

If it’s not supported in the switch I don’t see how Homeseer can create it :slight_smile:

And if it is supported in the switch then it would be available to anyone.

Agreed…I was wondering if I missed it and it was supported in hardware now…and available to anyone.

This swicth does not support Instant Status.

The GE/Jasco 45609 On/Off Switch referred to in that thread, as well as many other Jasco and Linear/Evolve devices, does not have Instant Status. However, these devices do broadcast a Node Information Frame(NIF), used as part of the inclusion process, which Vera sees(if it is within range) and interprets as status update.

It would seem that HomeSeer has implemented a similar NIF interpretation(my guess). But it is still not Instant Status and the broadcast is not relayed through the mesh. Vera or the HS3 must be within direct communication range in order to see the NIF and interpret it as a status update.

I should also note that the NIF is broadcast only when the 45609 button it pressed. It is not broadcast when a controller changes the state of the 45609, nor is it broadcast when the GE/Jasco 45610WB Auxiliary Switch, as used in the GE/Jasco 45614 Three-Way On/Off Kit, is pressed.