iViri replacement for UI7 & iOS8

I had to update to UI7 to get my new garage door control working and I also got a new iPhone with iOS8. I had been using iViri and some Estimote iBeacons to run a few scenes around the house. Now that I can’t do that anymore I’m looking for an alternative to iViri.

What else are people using? I know VeraMate supports them but I’ve never used it.


I run UI5, so here’s my experience. I believe it works in the same manner with UI7.

I moved over to VeraMate. I have Estimotes too, and VeraMate does work with them. Although, you’ll need to get the paid version in order to add more than one iBeacon.

The way VeraMate handles beacons is as follows: First, you add the beacon in the settings menu. No need to mess with entering the major or minor, you simply get close to the beacon and select the beacon on the list. Then, you can apply the beacon with a scene, as opposed to a multi-switch like iViri. See attachment for the menu to apply beacons to a scene.

I’ve found Veramate to take longer to respond with the iBeacons when compared to iViri.