iTach Flex Startup Lua Failed

I’ve a got a GC Itach Flex IP with the appropriate DB09 cables to interface with my Samsung’s (UN55D8000) exlink port, as some have suggested that this will work. but I’m having trouble making it all work.

After countless hours; using the modified xml lump files for my itach flex and setting up GC1000 plugin in my vera (UI5). I have been unable to add the IR device.

My Flex settings are as follows:

Flex link Serial Cable
Baud Rate:9600
Flow Control:None
Data Bits:8
Stop Bits:1

I also cannot know for sure if I’m trying the right codes for this model.

I am very new at this, any help will be deeply appreciated!



I will supply some informations about happens with me today…

A lot of days I do not turns on my A/C using my Vera3.
Today I was turn on and no response from my Global Cache Itach Flex (IP and wifi - I have the 2 models in many A/C)…
then I test the conectivity and I have it…accesing by the ip address is ok and no erros in vera3 about connection with the plugin…
plugin version is…1.10
then I go to the scenes and check in the advanced tab if the itach code is there…
nothing ! it is simply dissappeared …
before I had a line with GC_100 IR PORT and the itach code to send when the scene was activated…this information do not any more exists…
I try return backups of a couple of days…one month ago and nothing…
I try create the scene again putting a code to turn on the air in the advanced tab, GC 100 IR PORT , ITACH CODE…and nothing…

what could be happenning ?

thanks for helps…

Some idea about the problem below ?
before I start to modify all my scenes including the itach code again…
and…what the sure this do not happens again ?

even used my backups my system do not return for a good situation…

I have a iTach IP2IR which is working fine, but want to add a iTach flex. My thoughts are to create another instance of the GC100 plugin, rename macfly92’s D_GC100.xml to D_Itachflex.xml and upload, and in the advanced section of the iTach flex device replace D_GC100.xmls with D_Itachflex.xml ?
Would that work ?

Before you head down that path, there is a new app release that may be easier and maintain delineation.

I am on UI5, I just tried to install but it did not install. It looks as if it is for UI7 only unfortunately

I wrote the app specifically for UI7 as I think GC100 still supports UI5. I could try adjusting for UI5, but I will need to downgrade my test system to accomplish it.

I will work on it this weekend potentially.


Did you ever get a change to look at adapting the plugin for UI5 ?


May I also ask if you got this working with UI5?

I only have it working for UI7 - just haven’t had time lately to get it working on UI5.

I had the GC100 plugin working with my iTach Flex in UI5.

I have UI7 and the ip2ir. The GC100 app does not show up in the devices field. When I click on the plugin I see that there was a device made but there is no advanced tab. I tried to refresh, reboot many times and still does not work. I installed the itachwifi plugin and can configure the ip but it says “cannot send device. confirm the ip address is correct”. The ip address is correct. Is there anyway I can get this ip2ir to work.

I specifically wanted the ir device wired since I am going to be using this in a secured environment.

Thank you for your help,


Does anyone have the documents to setup the ir commands for the flex plugin? I have installed an setup the plugin but the website instructions are not available anymore.



I think its pretty much just another, perhaps easier, way of doing it. The nice thing about the itach flex is it can also be configured for serial or 12v trigger although I have yet to use them in that way.