Issues creating simple mobile scene

I’m on UI7 on my controller and I’m running the Vera mobile app on my android phone. I’m trying to create a scene on my mobile phone that is triggered by the geofence that I’ve already configured. When I ‘enter’ the geofence I’d like it to turn on a virtual switch and vice versa on the ‘exit’. I figured it was pretty straight forward, should be easy. However when I select the virtual switch there is no option to set it to the on or off position. It just displays the icon of the virtual switch with a button at the bottom that says validate. If I try to edit the list of devices again, the virtual switch shows unchecked. I’ve tried doing the same thing with real switches and that seems to work as expected. Are virtual switches not supported for this type of functionality on UI7 for the mobile version? I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thx.

I am unable to control virtual switches with the Vera android app. I just use the web interface to create scenes.

The scene I’m trying to create depends on the location. From what I can tell that option is not available on the web interface version. So I’m limited to the mobile version.

Are you trying to create the scene ON your mobile device where the Geofence is defined? This is required.

Yes, I’m trying to create the scene on my mobile device so I can use the geofence as part of my trigger. That part works fine. The part that doesn’t work is when I try to set the value of a virtual switch. Seems like virtual switches don’t work on the mobile version.

What mobile OS? On iOS I never get the “Validate” option you’re mentioning. And, virtual switches seem to work fine.

I’m using Android version. I’ll try it on my wife’s phone, she’s got iOS and I’ll see if perhaps I can set it up on hers.


You’re right, I did see on the iOS version that you are able to enable and disable virtual switches while creating a scene on the mobile app. I’m guessing the android mobile app version is missing this feature. :frowning: