Issues 2 weeks after Vera3 upgrade

I upgraded to Vera3 (from Vera2) not quite 2 weeks ago.

At first, everything was great. Very fast, no issues, communication was solid. Now I have been running for almost 2 weeks, and things have taken a turn for the worse. I moved Vera about 10 feet closer to the center of the house, but I have also moved it back to it’s original spot, with no improvement.

Here is what I am observing:

  1. Vera is “busy” doing something…but I have no idea what. Things are quiet, the load average is 0.25 or so. Eventually (sometimes 30-90 seconds later) Vera will “catch up” and all my clicks in the GUI will then go into motion.

  2. Sometimes many/all battery operated devices are reconfigured when I restart LUUP (nut not every time), and definitely after a heal. Of course, they aren’t awake, and Vera takes a long time trying to talk to them. Other times, Vera decides to reconfigure a random switch or plug, and can’t communicate with them.

  3. I have several “problem” devices…different types/manufacturers/locations. When I click “On” for a switch, I get “Transmit Ok” and the GUI changes to reflect the light is on…but it isn’t. So I try to poll the device. And it either doesn’t poll (never says “Polling node”) or it fails. If I stress test a device, I get 10 direct pings ok, 10 pings ok, 10 polls failed.

For what it’s worth, this appears to impact only Z-Wave devices. Things like the SQ Blaster work fine. I don’t know if I have a problem z-wave device, or what. Hard to narrow it down with dozen of devices (70+).

I deleted the Foscam plugin (which I deleted on the Vera2 due to memory issues). I also had tried the WOLPlusPing, but removed that too. So far, no improvements. I did move to USB logging to see if that matters, no change. I usually have

I still have the Vera2 backup, and thought about reloading that, but I remember someone warning against that. Any thoughts? I have current local backups and the Vera2 backup. I figured I would ask here before opening a tech support ticket.

One thing I will try during the day is cutting power to the entire house to reset all the in-wall devices, since not all have air-gaps to pull.