Issue with Lights not putting out 100%

Have 2 sets of lights in the house with the same symptom. I made a you tube video to explain.

The switches in question are HomePro ZDW103W and HomePro AS101W.

Any ideas?

Have you tried flip / floppin the switch locations? Moving the slave to where the 103W is, and the 103W to where the slave is…

There are numerous threads on master / slave & 3 way switch wiring issues, mainly with the GE switches. But its the same scenario with the ACT switches as it relates to which switch is closest to the Line / Load and the wiring voltage on the traveler cable.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll give that a shot.

I’m open to buying new switches as well, if there is something that will be a better fit.

This may also be relevant, although the default is set to use the 101…

Three Way Switch Setup The ZDW103 supports auxiliary switches. You must configure the ZDW103 for either the AS101 or AS001 auxiliary switch. By default, the ZDW103 supports the AS101. To configure the ZDW103 for the type of auxiliary switch you are using, do the following: 1. Press both top and bottom of switch simultaneously for 3 seconds. The LED will flicker while you do this. If the LED is not flickering, release the switch and attempt to enter configuration mode again. 2. After 3 seconds, the LED will turn on solid. Press the top of the switch to setup the ZDW103 to work with the AS101 auxiliary switch. Press it again to indicate you will be using an AS001 auxiliary switch. 3. Press the bottom of the switch to save the setup. You will see the LED blink once if configured for the AS101 or twice if configured for the AS001.

yeah - no dice on your second suggestion… Will have to wait until tomorrow to switch locations and test.

No luck there either… can anyone recommend better switches?

A couple of approaches to consider.Leviton makes the best switches but also the most expensive. Most people on the this forum swear by them. I have the GE switches and never had any luck with 3-way dimming applications so I gave up and made them 1 dimmer switch and put leviton scene controllers in instead which gave me more options (I can now trigger additional scenes) and . If you use leviton switches you can also just dim that switch via the controller. You could also look at the intermatic CA600 wich uses a normal 3-way switch (not a special one). You would still only be able to dim from the zwave but could turn on and off the switch from the normal 3-way.