Issue with 0.40 App install files?

Hello All,
Brand new to VeraLite. Trying to get 0.40 DSC plugin to work with ELV3 and DSC panel on a VeraLite UI7 FW 1.7.481. Tried downgrading to UI5 but failed (seems to upgrade itself on reboot).

I Install 0.40 plugin from Vera Apps interface, then clicked the EnvisaLink in the DSC panel device, reload the Luup engine, zones and partitions are created. Nothing then related to the alarm elements seems to work, no motion detection, no partition status etc.

Started looking at the D_ and I_ files in the ‘Luup Files’ menu and seems the I_DSCAlarmPanel1.xml file is corrupted. First the file is name .xml.lzoenc when I download it, and the file is completely blank (as per attachment it appears as .xmlenc when browsing the Luup files).

Am I doing something wrong? Alternatively, is there somewhere I can get the D_ and I_ files and load them in manually and create the new device?

Thanks in advance,


(and of course thanks to everyone who puts in so much effort to produce these plugins)