Is Vera for professional installs?

In the magazine “Custom Retailer” there’s an ad for Mi Case Verde and Vera for $69. “Custom Retailer” is a trade magazine for professional custom installers and specialty electronics retailers.

Is Vera a product that can/should be installed for someone in their home? Is it reliable enough and feature-rich enough to be a professionally installed product?

I read the posts about bugs and strange behaviours, etc. Clients will not put up with that if they pay you to install it. It just needs to work.

So what do you think? Is Vera a DIY product or one that merits a place in one of my install vans?

You’re probably going to get a mixed response to your post. Vera is stable and quite a bargin. Are there things that need work?..yes, of course, and MCV is working on it. In my experience, spending a large amount of money for a high-end installation doesn’t make sense because even with Control4, Crestron, AMX, etc there are bugs. So for a fraction of the cost, Vera will give you similar control and in some situations may have bugs, so I’d rather install Vera. What I would do is warrant the installation for a limited period and make sure you are charging the customer enough to cover some return trips during that time. The cost for Vera will still be a fraction of what other systems cost.

Vera is cheap enough for you to buy one and test, in-house, for yourself. Which is the same thing I would do if I planned on installing Control4, expect I’d spend more. The question has been asked before on the forum, I suggest searching for the previous thread(s) on the subject as opinions are probably still the same.

Agree with Shady’s comments for the most part. What the others provide is an integrated user experience that Vera will have difficulty mimicking, even with a professional install. Additional software such as SQ remote help, but overall the user experience with Vera is well below that of Control4, Creston, etc.

IMHO Vera is probably the best DIY choice, but if I had a professional install I would be disappointed with user experience, and if I were the installer, I would not want the follow-up, unless it was a simple system.

Based on my experience, absolutely not.

Professional well …
You need a customer that is willing to help in the process
Other wise you will need
to be able to charge for the actual time it may take to complete an install.
If you can charge for the many service calls it may take
If you can handle telling you customer " yes I know it’s supposed to do that" But it won’t right now" Maybe in a month or so Maybe never" " we just don’t know"

Vera is great is you have a very simple installation. If you have no expectations and can live with what is deliverd. And also deal disappointment when it falls short. ???

No. You would need an Indian call support line to handle the phone calls you would get.
DIY only
Now, could it be? Absolutely. It is the correct model being stand alone and programmable. When the “it just works” guarantee becomes true they will have a bang-up product. Unfortunately the z-wave world seems quite fragmented to me and there is too much out of MCV’s control.

yeah I wend round and round with Zensys on this a year or so ago. I got no where. Here is a recent Press release quote.

All Z-Wave certified products are interoperable and easy to install, making it easy to build a Z-Wave home network. Products that achieve certification can be identified by the Z-Wave logo on their packaging. With the Mi Casa Verde Vera platform, the 400th product has achieved certification.

“This is a momentous day for the global Z-Wave ecosystem,” noted Raoul Wijgergangs, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “We’ve come a long way since 2005 from our beginnings in the installer channel, which we continue to serve, to our current position as the leader in home control product solutions through various channels including: retail, security, service provider, and builder and installer. At the rate we’re going, we anticipate reaching 500 certified interoperable products by early 2011

The pictures are from the Zwave logo handbook.



Micasaverde was an exhibitor at the recent CEDIA trade show. CEDIA is the industry organization for professional installers. I wonder what the professionals opinions of Vera were?

Sounds like they want to be in the professional channel, but the product just isnt there yet to do so.

So true! I think Zwave as a whole needs to decide what they want to be.
There are so many great zwave devices and products. The controller is the one piece of the puzzle that is slowing the adoption.

In my experience the Light switches work
The thermostats work
The Locks work
The sensors work

The big problem is the controller making it all work as a system
MCV is working diligently on this from we are told. I just keep hoping it will come true.

I have been told, Zensys never had a master in there plans.

The master is something demanded from outside Zensys.

That could explain the problems for masters.


Agreed, agreed, agreed to all the previous posts!!

I work with several Energy Management Systems professionally and they are all rock solid. However, I went through the same Beta test period with all of them to get them to that point. These are systems that cost $150k - $250k.

Z-wave is solid; the problem is the software (Mios) within Vera. Think about this, how often have you had issues with Windows or other computer related issues? Vera is an awesome piece of equipment when it’s working. In the past 2 yrs mine has been down / offline 50% of that time…

I would like MCV to make more announcements, have a list of known issues, a list of compatible devices, a list of configuration parameters for each device (I know the devices are not MCV’s but they have obviously tested each one that is compatible and know the parameters and in & outs of each) and all the lists should be in one place not scattered all over the NET. If they did that, it may also cut down on their tech support calls which in turn would give them more time to focus on fixing the ON-GOING issues.

I’m with you zmistro…I keep hoping…Maybe another FW upgrade after CEDIA???


“We are honored that Mi Casa Verde’s Vera was named the 400th certified Z-Wave product, which is currently available in e-tailers and retailers worldwide,” said Lew Brown, EVP of MiOS. “Vera guarantees interoperability with all 400 certified Z-Wave products and it can be bridged with multiple Veras to create an extended Z-Wave network. Our versatile controller will boost the Z-Wave ecosystem presence in the security and retail channels beyond where it is today.”

And from the Z-wave Alliance:
“Z-Wave’s certification process is extensive and those products that achieve certification can be identified by the Z-Wave logo on their packaging. All Z-Wave certified products are interoperable and easy to install, making it easy to build a Z-Wave home network.”

Making it easy. Thank god.

[quote=“mhn, post:12, topic:166655”]I have been told, Zensys never had a master in there plans.

The master is something demanded from outside Zensys.

That could explain the problems for masters.


I don’t really buy that. If you read the Zensys patents its all about the network and Primary controller and such. Routing slaves, Zensor net nodes.

[quote=“CMRancho, post:14, topic:166655”]Guaranteed!

"Making it easy. Thank god.[/quote]

wow Just think if it weren’t!

I am overall pretty happy with MCV but they LOVE to over sell this product. I think it should read “Guaranteed (to eventually work), Making it easy(ish). Thank God”


I have had Vera 1 for over a year now. If somebody else had installed this product I would have tossed the thing in the pool by now!!! Not even remotely close to a professional product!!!

I think we should close this thread yes?

I agree.