Is UPNP event proxy plug in needed ?

I installed the Sonos app and started playing with it and then read I needed the UPNP plug in as well. It all seemed it was working before without this plug in and having now added that plug in Vera has slowed down a massive amount and crawls along. My question therefore is it really needed ?.

It’s not needed, but the Sonos plugin will be unable to react immediately to events that are initiated from outside Vera (e.g., the track name changes, or you press the mute/pause button on your Sonos). The Sonos plugin will still react eventually but it may take up to a minute.

Be sure to follow the uninstallation instructions exactly.

(The UPnP event proxy isn’t supposed to cause instability or slowness. If uninstalling it reverses your observed issues then I’d be very interested to know.)

Ah ok, that explains that. I decided to uninstall everything and set it back up to see if that helped (as last time I got the sonos app first and thought it might be better to get UPNP first). It did seem a little quicker but Vera has quickly fallen over again. The problem could be I’m running a V2 with UI5, might need to update to V3, but was hanging on to see what is coming next…(the answer probably will be nothing soon lol).