Is there any way that regular schedule checks could be built into PLEG?

I have a heating PLEG, which is very reliant on reliable scheduling. Problem is occasionally (vera rebooting, me doing maintenance, etc), sometimes schedules miss because Vera is not up when the start time comes. I guess I could use a load of sequence commands with NOW, but I was trying to avoid that. I was wondering Richard if there is some other way of circumventing this or if some change in the plugin might allow schedules to fire even if part way through?


interval timers work reliably in the context of reboots.
See if you can’t convert to them as opposed to absolute times.

If you miss an absolute time, it will skip until the next time.

Ok thanks. Can you give me an example of how I can replace an absolute schedule with an interval timer? Do I need to use a sequence expression? Eg 08:00;intervaltimer;12:00? I guess if I do that and then don’t check repeats, it would only evaluate true once?