Is there any RFXtrx433 equivalent/similar device???????

Hello to all!!
I am a newbie and i am very interested in the way VERA can be interfaced with 433Mhz devices!
All fine till here, i think that the cost of a RFXtrx433 is a litlle bit high!
So, is there any similar device to do the same job?
I saw in a post about a radio module called UFR from CISECO.
Any suggestions/ideas??

Thanks in advance

Not helping but… I thought it was too high too. Then I bought it and it’s worth the price!
You won’t be disapointed.

I am sure that it is worth the price hyzteric (and thanks for the reply), but i think that it is not a so sofisticated piece of hardware
in order to appear some “clone” devices in the market.
The other strange thing i noticed, is that despite the fact that there a lot of references in this forum, (for the RFVtrx) i couldn’t find any attempt from anyone to design a clone. There is no schematic circuit diagram too!!!

The prize is not only because of the hardware. The device also decodes allot of different protocols, dont think any other device comes even close to the amount of different protocols the RFXtrx supports. The telstick from telldus is a similar product but it is not supported by Vera as far as I know. Also the customer support from RFXCOM is fabulous an they even hang out here in this forum giving support.

I think that in this case nobody has thouht it would be worth the effort to try to invent this weel again.