Is there any documentation on using Vera ui7

Is there any documentation on using Vera ui7? Everything is the older versions and it is not the same.

I haven’t seen documentation however, Vera is making a how to video series on using UI7

Thank you. I will have to check it out.

I understand the basics of the adding devices and basic scenes. I am getting to the point where I need more advanced options and I am so lost. The more I read and try to understand Luup and Pleg the more confused I am.

And nothing really on ui7 makes it that more harder to grasp.

For PLEG, there are a few posts in this forum as well as YouTube videos explaining how to use PLEG. For luup, it has pretty much remained the same as in UI5. Luup tutorials have always been few and far, but there are also posts about where to find luup snippets and example codes.

Have you seen these?

For LUA and LUUP this is a great start; Conditional Scene Execution: Some Examples by @RexBeckett

For PLEG this is a great start; PLEG Basics - An Introduction to the Program Logic Event Generator by @RexBeckett. Note: The last I heard, PLEG was not working properly with UI7. I don’t know if that has changed yet.

Usually you can get what you need with scenes and a bit of Luup. Rex’s posts are a great source for luup.

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