Is there another controller that works with AltUI?

The next time I need to replace my controller Im thinking that Vera is not for me. There have been almost no product improvement (only bug fixes or features not available in Sweden) for the three years I have had one. The web GUI is a mess and there are still no proper logical conditions for scenes etc. Its a company without a vision, and that makes me want to go in another direction.

Is there another controller that works with AltUI?

+1 for must have support for AltUI on my new controller.
I couldn’t imagine to do any logic without AltUI workflows any more!

It works on openLuup, of course, which takes away much of the pain of working with Vera, but retains the plugin compatibility.

ok, the follow up question must be, what is needed for openluup?

Basically, another machine (e.g. Raspberry Pi or almost anything else.)