Is there an unwired wall switch I can use instead of remote?

I am quite new to automation and have a very simple set up, just a lot of sockets and a few switches. I have created schedules for the various scenes and they work well, but in my living room I need a little more control.

The room has no overhead light and there are no wall switches. I have added a lot of lamps using plug in modules and have two Awave controlled sockets I plan to add more lamps to. I want to be able to turn all these on and off with a single switch, but would prefer a switch on the wall to a remote control as we have a bad record of losing the remotes. I tried a GE GE 45631 but I can’t get it to work. Is there something else that will do the job? I don’t need complications, just on or off would do.

Any advice would be appreciated. ddxxmp

I am using the Cooper battery Wall switch and they work very good. RF 9500AW

Jquincy can you outline how you setup you Rf9500 I can’t get my to work with my VeraEdge, how did you do the association?

I am using a Vera 3 UI 15 but here is how I set it up. I associated the Cooper 9500 to the corresponding cooper switch. I have also used the Cooper 9500 with Leviton and it also works great.

I am unable to find any source for how to pair my new Cooper Aspire RF9500 to my Vera Lite network. HELP? My GUI does not give any hint of where to find it, or how to create it as a generic device. And the device came with zero instructions on pairing with a Vera Lite type device.