Is there a Z-wave dimmer without a status LED? (Home Theater, want it dark)

Brand new switch, as I mentioned the manual does talk about parameter 3. I think I’m maybe not adding it in the right spot in MCV. I’m new to it so I’m not certain I’m doing it correctly.

I originally wrote those instructions based on the 45609 and 45605 products. I have one of the 45612 dimmers, and the always off setting does not work on it. I get ‘Failed at: Setting User Configuration’ when trying to apply that setting.

The manual for the 45612 says that setting parameter 3 to 1 (default is 0) to turn off the LED light.

Well duh, I followed the directions and put in a 1 instead of a 2 and it worked.

I hate it when that happens? :wink:

Thanks for clearing the confusion and closing the thread

A dab of whiteout on the LED…