Is Ezlo Plus Ready for Prime Time?

I’ve been absent in this thread for quite some time. Went thru it but either did not find or overlooked the answers to the following:

  1. Has there been a fix for plugged in Zigbee devices only showing up as 32% power and then disconnecting from the hub once it thinks the battery level is zero (all the while still being plugged in)?

  2. Battery power on devices being incorrect (showing 100% for quite some time and then, out of nowhere, the device is “disconnected” cause it’s at 0% battery)?

  3. Smart Start still does not include the device, it just sits there doing nothing and showing no useful status information?

  4. Multiple VOI entries that cannot be deleted.

All, thanks in advance for the updates, they are greatly appreciated.

I have similar problems with all my Zigbee devices, they either eat batteries too quickly or the system isn’t working properly and they all show as Unreachable / Offline. I have given up on using those Zigbee devices currently and I am not buying more expensive batteries for them.

Here is just some of those devices in the Ezlogic Settings - Devices area they are the grey ones.

Hi @ryantatum20 , @cw-kid

Let us examine in detail those devices and see the actual reason behind it. @SaraV can you help on getting details about the problem pls.

Hello @ryantatum20 @cw-kid

Please check this recommendation to see if there’s anything that can make any improvements: Like with any wireless technology, checking the environment in which your devices are operating is important. Zigbee shares the same frequency band as the 2.4GHz wifi networks which means it might be possible to have channel overlaps due to a WiFi band that is shared with the Zigbee channel. Also, the same is true for Hue devices (if used) that are in the general area. Hue uses Zigbee. If the Hue happens to use the same Zigbee channel, problems can be expected. And finally, wireless is subject to the same physics as Wifi. Distance, solid objects and others can and will impact the wireless communication between devices.

Check for and resolve channel overlap with Hue/other Zigbee hubs, 2.4GHz WiFi. Build the Zigbee mesh in such a way that powered Zigbee devices with repeater capabilities can repeat the signal to fringe devices.) It could be that the Centralite devices do not broadcast as strong a signal as other devices, which could also explain some of the issues noted.

With those recommendations in mind and to be able to investigate further, would it be possible to provide a time frame or date between the device’s disconnections or inconsistent battery events? As well as devices details/models, relative distance to the controller, and controller serial numbers.

Hi @slapfrost

I sent Oleg my Zigbee device list already, but here it is:

Zigbee devices on Ezlo Plus 90000413

1. Centralite Door / Windows Sensor - 
"model": "3323-G"
Parent Device:
"_id": "6300fae6123e431226818306"
"name": "Centralite Door/Window Sensor"
Child Device:
"_id": "6300fae7123e43122681830a"
"name": "Centralite Door Temperature"

2. Centralite Motion Sensor -
"model": "3328-G"
Parent Device:
"_id": "61f0a3ac123e431284c14150"
"name": "Porch Entrance Motion"
Child Device:
"_id": "61f0a3ac123e431284c14154"
"name": "Porch Entrance Temp"

3. Centralite Water Leak Sensor -
"model": "3315-G"
Parent Device:
"_id": "61f0bce1123e4312a1900a1e"
"name": "Water Leak Sensor"
Child Device:
"_id": "61f0bce1123e4312a1900a23"
"name": "Water Leak Temperature"

4. Centralite Temp / Humidity Sensor - 
"model": "3310-G"
Parent Device:
"_id": "625034d1123e4312237332f5"
"name": "Bathroom Humidity"
Child Device:
"_id": "625034d1123e4312237332f8"
"name": "Bathroom Temperature"

Zigbee devices on Ezlo Secure 92033957

1. KonoZ Lux Thermostat
"model": "KONOZ"
"_id": "64d2352bc9efbc16e572cac4"
"name": "Thermostat (Lux)"

Hue Bridge is on Zigbee channel 11
WIFI Routers 2.4GHZ band is on Auto says its currently channel 3
Vera Plus channel 19 (0 Zigbee devices paired)

How do you tell what channel the Ezlo hub(s) are using? I couldn’t see any Zigbee settings in the mobile apps or the web UI.

Edit: I had to reboot the Ezlo controller(s) and then look in the ha-zigbeed.log log file.

Ezlo Plus (Main) Channel = 25 (4x Centralite Zigbee devices paired)
Ezlo Plus (Spare) Channel = 15 (0 Zigbee devices paired)
Ezlo Secure Channel = 25 (1x Zigbee device paired)

All my Zigbee devices the few I have are all battery operated and currently they are all sat in the same room as the Ezlo hubs.


This new beta firmware update mentions fixes for Zigbee device battery status.

I also have not visited this board for some time. I guess I just wanted to see if I made the correct choice when I made the tough decision to abandon Vera/Ezlo and switch to Hubitat + MSR + Home Remote. I certainly looks like I made the right decision, at least for me. Hubitat + MSR + Home Remote just works. No more excuses, no more broken promises, no more waiting forever - how many years has it been now waiting for the next release of Vera firmware or an Ezlo replacement that is “ready for prime time”? My Hubitat “suite” may not have the prettiest UI or the fanciest dashboards, or even the most powerful mobile app, but I have always been more into functionality than pretty or “wow”. Oh, did I mention that I have a completely local solution with zero cloud dependencies and EVL4 support?

Same with my Vera / MSR / Home Remote setup it just works. My Vera Plus has been rock solid for years and I never have to touch it or do anything with it. That setup is also local.

You could have a local setup with Ezlo / MSR also as MSR can use the Ezlo controllers local WS API.

But Home Remote doesn’t support Ezlo controllers and their new API which is a shame.

But yes the Ezlo Ezlogic web UI is only cloud based currently and will likely remain that way.

In my opinion and my very very short interactions this is not ready to replace its predecessor. And the disconnect between the web interface and mobile app functionality is very frustrating and confusing.
They are still doing total code rewrites. I thought this was a production unit and not beta.
This entire experience with the Ezlo controller has been frustrating and disappointing. The Vera controller may have its flaw but at least it works (at least the things I need/want it for) Also how do you relase this controller without geofencing to enable automatic mode switching?
At this point I have a $150 paper weight. How do I go about returning the unit its fundamentally useless for me.

How many users are happy with their Ezlo plus controller?

No of active users is literally doubled over last 12 month and continuing to grow…
I say “active” because more users are actively using the product.

Nothing is perfect, thats why everything can be improved all the time and the word “happy” is merely if you are getting what you want out of the system or not…

That is why we continously improve our capabilities.

What you can do with a web application on a big screen is very different than what you can do in a small smart phone.
You should expect it to be different.

That doesn’t mean there couldn’t be “better” UI etc… of course there can be… but the issue I am identifying is the “expectation that you have” that both Web and Mobile apps should be the same.

Any news on this? I can’t wait to test this :wink: