Does anyone know the secret to getting the Insteon IRLinc to work with Vera? I have the 2413U and an IOLinc module setup already which are working fine. When i try to add the IRLinc i just shows up as a “_Generic IO” device and does not present as a controller for scenes as i would have expected. Thanks.

Sorry that I don’t have an answer for this one. I’m very interested in this as well. I’d like to get this working to bridge a standard ir remote to my vera2 for my home theater. Thoughts?

I have had no luck with the IR Link either. I am a possible dealer as I have been in automation for over 25 years coming from Homeseer. So far I am very dissapointed in the Insteon performance of this device, the response times are so slow that its actually not usable, then the system locks up, restarts itself and poof the Insteon database is gone. I just don’t know what their intentions are with trying to support a platform in a “half baked way”. To me either you support it and it works or you do what others have done and don’t offer it to have to deal with issues. I have a project home, 42 Zwave modules and 38 Insteon modules, the zwave modules work 90 percent of the time, the Insteon I hate to say at this time is a joke. Just my opinion at this point and I would love nothing more than to be proved that I am wrong by somebody. :-[


With all that Insteon stuff I would try to send @micasaverde and @Ovidiu a PM and ask if they can set you up on one of the latest Betas. 1.1.1047 doesn’t work well with Insteon and there was some work done in more recent versions that should improve that! The most recent test candidates have fixed a lot of issues anyway and they are gearing up to release this to everyone. Might as well try one of these in case its worth them fixing more issues with Insteon before the release.

Not sure why your Zwave stuff works 90% of the time as I get 100% success… that being said, many people have had issue with the MiOS engine restarting, or the whole box rebooting (also something they are working on and have made great improvements recently)

Thank you for the encouraging reply as maybe there is hope. I will be honest, I do not do a lot of forum type posting, this was kind of my first go around with trying to post an issue, I am unsure how to “PM” those particular people at miscaverde about getting into their beta program. I really need to take this unit to the next level or I am going to have to remove it from the homeowners home this week and put Homeseer back in charge (which I DONT want to have to do). Thanks again for the quick reply.


If you look right at the top of the page then you should see the link to the Personal Message (PM) inbox. If you click on the part that says “you have XX messages”… in your case being new, I would guess it’'ll be 0, although I’ll send you a PM so that you have one at least :slight_smile: Once you are in, just type the names as I mentioned (in particular Ovidiu) in my previous post and then just compose your message with perhaps this thread link copied & pasted for reference!

To be honest you may or may not get a reply as they are really busy trying to release a firmware en masse (there have been 3 drops to us this week) and also gear up for the CES show this week. If you don’t get a reply then don’t take it too personally as they are pretty busy at the moment and it won’t be the end of the world as I’m pretty sure they’ll release the new firmware soon anyway.