IR - works to anyone?

I just created IR device for Sharp Aquos TV, to be used with USB-UIRT - and it doesn’t seem to be usable.

  1. I see a list of options when I create a scene using the new TV device, but on the Dashboard device looks empty, with no controls whatsoever - is it supposed to work this way?

  2. Another problem is that while testing the buttons during setup I was getting “Command failed” message every single time I tested a command.

  3. When creating a scene with TV it accept only one command with that device (won’t add more), while it’s usually necessary to send multiple commands to the same device to set everything up

  4. Finally, even that single command isn’t saved - it’s gone after Save, but Vera won’t let me add new command.

Submited ticket: 1218

I noticed all your problems as well. I spoke with MCV for a lonnnng time to get a bit figured out. First, after creating the “TV” as a device she told me I had to go to scenes and make a random scene and click on Remote to add a remote. Once in the remote screen you have to use a template that someone already made or create an entire remote as a .png file in Photoshop, etc. Once you select a template (or upload yours) you have to create “Hit Areas” for each of the buttons in Vera and assign them a command or scene. Apparently once that is done and you go to on your iPhone the remote will appear. I got to the mobile part but no remote appeared. I am calling back when they open. I am also very concerned about the inability to put multiple commands (along with inserting pauses!) into scenes. This basically lets me only do remedial things like Turn it on or hit Mute. The error message is also a problem. As messed up as the IR portion is right now, I could care less if I get an error but you can’t hit another button until you hit “ok” for the error screen. That means if I want to raise my volume 5 notches. I have to click the volume up button, then “ok” for the error, then volume button, then “ok”,etc. Not very effecient. I want to do things like click the “Watch Movie” button and run a scene that Turns on my TV, waits 5 sec for it to come on, switches inputs, turns on stereo, waits 5 sec, and dims light. Sounds like we might be a ways off to actually be able to utilize this new equipment we bought being told it worked. My Projector isn’t listed either so even if I could get everything else “on” and ready, I wouldn’t get to see it since I can’t turn the projector on. Good news: USB UIRT can receive IR commands as well…Bad News: Vera doesn’t have the learning database up to get the IR commands we send them.

P.S. I started putting up a couple templates for remotes. You are welcome to give them a try. They are the iPhone ones with a blue background and yellow buttons. Good luck

I guess we can conclude that IR functionality just isn’t there yet. What’s now in place is rather unusable.

Are we going to have controls on Vera dashboard? I have no iPhone, with zero desire to have it, please don’t tell me I won’t be able to use IR module.

The biggest advantage of having IR on Vera is to create combined scenes that would do lights, air conditioner, and full AV prep, which involves sending at least 3-6 commands to each AV device. Current list of AV controls in Scenes is just undigested list of UPnP service names - not really human readable.

That would be perfectly fine if there was a clear road map with clear “not ready” against IR, to avoid false expectations… :frowning: